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We provide a number of different visual marketing products which are effective for both new and used cars.

All images are tailored to the local market and the material can be reproduced using 3 different methods:

Point of Sale Brochure

Point of Sale Brochure

The POS is an extremely effective form of marketing:

folded POS vehicle brochure

  • Displayed on Silent Salesmen
  • Kept in portfolio binders within the showroom, showing all group stock
  • Handed or posted to potential customers
  • Personalised to both dealer and customer, including finance examples, discounts etc.
  • Silent Salesmen can be produced for display in numerous locations including:

    Dealership based Silent Salesman image

  • The showroom
  • Service reception
  • Local clubs
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Other dealer sites

  • High quality photography is produced in 3 ways

  • From our extensive image libraries
  • By our team of professional photographers
  • By dealership staff, trained by AMS
  • Professional Vehicle Photography Images

    All images are tailored to the local market. Standard manufacturer shots are not used. Our systems allow for the background of an existing photograph to be altered digitally.

    Composite Vehicle Image

    This technique can be used on all images, whether taken by our photographers, the dealership staff or from our libraries.

    We are also able to digitally alter individual aspects of a vehicle such as alloy wheels, bull bars, fog lights and roof rails.

    This allows the system to be used to show a customer what his present car could look like, as well as upselling dealer fit accessories for in stock vehicles.

    Modified Vehicle Image

    Dealer Taken Photography

    Dealer uses camera equipped mobile phone to take snaps of vehicles (There’s no need to move the vehicle or remove p.o.s. posts etc.)

    Dealer TAken Photography Diagram

    Snaps matched to identical, high quality library images which can be uploaded to the web within 2 hours

    Automatic Video Presentations for the showroom and the Internet

    Hi-Definition Vehicle Marketing Video

    Short Video – ideal for low bandwidth internet

    Low-Definition Vehicle Marketing Video

    Photography - Fleet

    We specialise in fleet photograph where large numbers of vehicles are photographed quickly and their backgrounds changed

    Fleet Photography Image

    Photography - Premises

    We also provide high quality showroom photography, ideal to show potential customers your professional operation.

    Car Dealership Photography Images

    Photography - People

    Introduce the Dealer Team

    Car Dealership Photography Images

    Portray a friendly, comfortable showroom

    Car Dealership Photography Images